About us

The philosophy of Free Economic Zone is that of creating a unique platform for jewelry, diamond cutting and watchmaking manufacturing companies with special conditions and infrastructures for the free spirits in the field of business.

It proceeds from the idea that the horizons which open up before creative businesses are limitless as long as there are inspiration and readiness for co-operation, competitiveness, thoughtful investment, growth and accomplishment. In a certain sense, and figuratively speaking, the natural boundaries of the economic zone recede, making space for innovative enterprise.  

We envision “MERIDIAN” as a unique platform for jewelers, both regionally and internationally. In other words, and in symbolic terms, it could truly become a precious jewel on one of the “bangles” encircling the globe. Geopolitically being located at the crossroads of different cultures and states such as Europe, Russia, Central Asia and Middle East- however Armenia preserved its own cultural identity and rich traditions in jewelry art.

Finally, with this in mind, we assert that we are open to the world – the globe with its meridians, parallels latitude and time-zones – whether for partnership and expertise, or new ideas, creativity, any innovative developments.

“MERIDIAN” is not just a zone, but a free one– AN AREA OF UNLIMITED OPPORTUNITIES!

Our mission is to become a driving force in boosting the economic strength of Armenia by developing the jewelry field and increasing export volume. We seek to create a globally competitive economic zone with favorable conditions, cluster infrastructures and client-oriented services.

Our vision is to stimulate the economy by attracting foreign direct investment, generating thousands of jobs, increase the volume of the export, encouraging the incarnational companies to establish their business in Armenia, and helping in the transfer of knowledge, expertise and technology to the country.

•    Create and develop a jewelry cluster in Armenia
•    Attract foreign direct investments and bring the international brands to Armenia
•    Increase national income by enlarging the exports volume
•    Create new jobs/workplace
•    Educate and train a young generation of jewelers
•    Bring advanced technologies and  transfer the knowledge and expertise to local masters
•    Make Armenia as one of the well- known international jewelry industry centers

Incentives and Benefits
•    0% on VAT, profit tax, corporate income tax, customs duty, property tax
•    Rich traditions in jewelry art, cost efficient and skilled labor force
•    Government support of the jewelry sector, as a priority for the industrial strategy
•    Free repatriation of capital, profits and dividends
•    Possibility to operate with any foreign currency
•    Single window service
•    Large Expo center and the possibility for permanent exhibition
•    Geographical proximity to Europe, Russia, Central Asia and Middle East
•    Free trade agreement with CIS member countries with access to mln people market
•    GSP+ trade regime with EU countries
•    GSP trade regime with USA, Canada, Switzerland, Japan and Norway
•    Armenia is a member of World Trade Organization