Armenia to host CIBJO conference next year

Armenia is expected to host a conference of the World Jewellery Confederation (CIBJO) next year.

About 1,000 representatives from different countries are expected to attend the conference, Nika Manukova, Manager of the Meridian free economic zone project, told reporters on Monday.

Different countries host the prestigious conference every year.

“Brazil is the host country this year, India in 2017 and Australia in 2018. The conference agenda envisages master-classes, a fair and short-term trainings courses not only for jewelers, but also for designers, producers and so on,” she said.

The Meridian zone has submitted documents concerning potential investors to Armenia’s government.

“We launched negotiations with investors and exploiting companies before the free economic zone was launched, and we expect about ten exploiting companies before the end of this year, which will create 300 to 500 jobs,” Ms Manukova said.

As to the standards companies are expected to meet, she said that Armenia’s government has set specific standards.

“First, an exploiting company is supposed to invest capital, operate diamond-cutting production, specialize in jewelry or watch-making. Investments must be in conformity with companies’ business programs, ensure creation of jobs and provide guarantees against the sale of end products in Armenia,” Ms Manukova said.

All the applicant companies are foreign companies. Among them is the Voskerchakan Tun Hripsime company.

Hripsime Melikyan, founder of the company, highlighted the free economic zone as it facilitates the company’s development.

“As you know, companies operating here will be exempted from taxes, which will enable them to save funds and invest them in improving competitiveness of their products. This is great support to businesses,” she said.